The ABC’s of Concealed Carry.

I have been carrying a firearm for personal protection for more than half of my adult life. I started carrying well before there were concealed handgun licenses, Long before it was cool, long before it was a important political statement. I started carrying because of something my father said to me; he said, “Son it’s […]

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How fast is your rod?

Fishing rod that is. I’m a lifelong fisherman and a fishing outfitter with “America’s Formost Outfitter”, Cabela’s and I’m surprised at how many anglers are confused about the nominclature of fishing rods. I’ll admit I didn’t really get it figured out until well into the later half of fishing life. Let me shed some light […]

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Here we go!

Welcome to my blog, I hope you find it interesting and helpful. My intent is to pass along information and experience in the the areas of fishing and hunting I have gleaned over the past fifty years. To start, I plan to focus on fishing since I currently work for “America’s Foremost Outfitter” as a […]

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