The ABC’s of Concealed Carry.


I have been carrying a firearm for personal protection for more than half of my adult life. I started carrying well before there were concealed handgun licenses, Long before it was cool, long before it was a important political statement. I started carrying because of something my father said to me; he said, “Son it’s a lot easier on your mother to come get you out of jail then out of the morgue”. A variation on it’s better to be tried by 12 than carried by six. Before you get all upset about what a hardened criminal I am, let me tell you this, I came from the state of New Mexico which has always been an open carry state and at first that is what I did. However on a number of occasions I was hassled by the proprietors of businesses and occasionally law enforcement officers. As I stated previously the reason I carry a firearm is practical, not a statement, I do not wish to draw attention to myself, I’m not looking for a fight. So I started carrying concealed illegally. At the time carrying concealed in New Mexico was a petty misdemeanor equivalent of the ticket for jaywalking, so I took the risk and carried on. In 2003 New Mexico started issuing concealed handgun permit’s and even then I did not get one. I felt it was too expensive and that I could get caught caring illegally twice before equaling the cost of the permit. Then I considered all the work that the men and women of the NRA and the affiliated local groups had put into getting the legislation through. I decided to honor their work by getting a permit. As it turned out I still was issued one of the first 1000 permit for the state of New Mexico.

When I moved here to Texas and became a resident, I surrendered my New Mexico license back to NMDPS as stated in the law and got my Texas license. I am very serious about carrying a firearm. I do it everyday, everywhere I go, unless prohibited by the law or work rules. I truly believe that the only thing that will stop bad men with guns are good men with guns.

I do still relay upon God to protect me and my family and pray everyday that I don’t have to use deadly force, but Im ready, and I’m trained to fight for my life, my families lives, and the lives of innocent people I encounter. I will without hesitation come to aid of any law enforcement officers I encounter.

So here is my pledge and challenge to you. ABC…….


Join Me.


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